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What is a Vault Birth Certificate?

A Vault Birth Certificate is essentially a copy of a person’s original birth record held at Home Affairs in Pretoria. The original birth record is the hand completed form that one’s parents filled out when they registered a child at a South African Home Affairs office or at a consulate abroad. The original and only copy is held in a secure vault at Home Affairs location in Pretoria, hence it’s name. Where this form is required, a home affairs employee physically locates and retrieves the original then copies the document and issues the certificate with their characteristic Home Affairs pink stamp. The waiting period for this document is notoriously long so be sure to apply for yours in good time.

Who needs a Vault Birth Certificate?

Most notably the Vault Birth Certificate is required by the British immigration authorities when a South African citizen applies for an ancestral visa or to immigrate to the UK or when a person intends marrying a British of foreign national.

How do I apply for a Vault Birth Certificate?

Applications can be made at one’s nearest Home Affairs office but unfortunately there are many reports of people waiting many months sometimes years for their certificates. It is for this reason that Q-Pro, a Johannesburg based document sourcing service offers to source this important document for it’s clients both in South African and abroad.

Why is this Vault Birth Certificate required?

It is felt by various authorities around the world that the Vault Birth Certificate represents the best evidence of a person’s registration as a citizen of South Africa.

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