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Unabridged marriage certificate

Newlywed couples in South Africa are normally issued with the Abridged version of a couple’s wedding certificate, normally upon request at a Home Affairs service counter. Couples requiring Unabridged Marriage Certificates would need to apply for one at their nearest consulate or department of home affairs office.

How long does it take to obtain a marriage unabridged marriage certificate?

The processing of Unabridged Marriage Certificates take a notoriously long time, typically up to 12 weeks but one often hears accounts of people waiting many months and even years to receive these certificates as well as people having to submit multiple applications before they received theirs.

Express Service

It is thus advisable that couples requiring these certificates apply timeously. Q-pro offers an expresses service where these certificates can be obtained within 1 to 2 weeks of submission of application. Simply fill out the form below and one of our consultants will contact you to discuss your requirements.

What is the difference between an abridged and unabridged marriage certificate

Unabridged Marriage Certificates stipulate detailed information about the husband and wife’s particulars, more so than the Abridged version. It also reflects jurisdictions that fall outside of where wedding licenses are typically issued.

Why do I need an unabridged marriage certificate

Unabridged marriage certificates are required where:

  • Couples are applying for foreign citizenship
  • Supporting document for applications for foreign passports
  • Where a couple is emigrating
  • Registering a foreign business
  • Applying for dual citizenship
  • Applying for a spousal visa
  • Where a couple or family is applying for a Schengen visa and
  • Where a couple is registering the marriage in a foreign country in the event of one member being a foreign national.

What is an Unabridged Marriage Certificate

An Unabridged Marriage Certificate is a computer printed document issued by the South African Home Affairs Department reflecting detailed information about a couple’s marriage.

Details depicted on an Unabridged Marriage Certificate include the husbands full forenames and surname, his date and country of birth, identity or passport number and his marital status prior to the marriage.

Similarly, the wife’s full forenames and surname, her date and country of birth, identity or passport number and her marital status prior to the marriage are also reflected.

The details of the marriage are reflected including the date on which the marriage was conducted where and when it was solemnised and the marriage type example civil marriage married in community or out of community of property.

The following information is also depicted on an unabridged marriage certificate: The marriage designation number, the officer or priest who conducted the marriage, the denomination, endorsements if any and the date on which the document was printed and issued as well it is as who it was issued by.

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