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We make it easy to apply for your Unabridged Marriage Certificate

Emigrating, registering a foreign business or applying for a spousal visa?  

You need an Unabridged Marriage Certificate

Q-Pro can help.

Q-Pro is an independent document sourcing specialist with no ties to Home Affairs.

Simply fill out the form and a friendly Q-Pro consultant will contact you to finalise the details. We bear the queues so that you don’t have to.

If you are planning to immigrate, register a business abroad, applying for a spousal visa to live work abroad or intend applying for dual citizenship and ultimately a foreign passport, you will require an Unabridged Marriage Certificate issued by the South African Home Affairs department.

Unabridged Marriage Certificates are essentially a computer printed record of one’s  marriage as recorded in Home Affair’s archives.

Details depicted on the Unabridged Marriage Certificates include:

Husband’s Details:

  • Husband’s Name and forenames
  • Husband’s Surname
  • Husband’s Date and Country of Birth
  • Husband’s Identity Number
  • Husband’s Marital Status 

Wife’s Details:

  • Wife’s Name and forenames
  • Wife’s Surname
  • Wife’s Date and Country of Birth
  • Wife’s Identity Number
  • Wife’s Marital Status

Particulars Of The Marriage:

  • Marriage Date
  • Solemnised at
  • Marriage Type e.g. Civil Marriage

Marriage Designation Number

  • Marriage Officer
  • Denomination
  • Endorsements if any
  • Printed date and Issued by:

We often hear horror stories regarding how long one can expect to wait for these Unabridged Marriage Certificates. Some applicants have been known to have applied multiple times due to documents having been lost or simply not processed. Q-Pro will ensure that the processing of your application is expedited. We will verify that your application documents are filled out correctly and that there is no important information omitted from your submission. We will queue on your behalf, liaise with Home Affairs regarding the processing of your application and then arrange to queue for you when collecting the document.

Please bear in mind that marriage entered into between 1994 and 2017 require an unabridged birth certificate or a copy of the marriage officer’s marriage record to be attached to your submission.