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Unabridged Marriage Certificates

Unabridged Marriage Certificates – Get Yours in Time

Typically when a couple gets married, the presiding marriage officer or priest presents the couple with a hand written, signed and numbered marriage certificate as proof of their marriage.

The Marriage officer or priest will at a time that is convenient to him, submit a copy of this signed Marriage Certificate to his nearest SA Home Affairs office who will then capture the details and register the couple’s marriage. The couple’s details will be updated on the South African Population register and their marital status will then reflect as being married.

It is advisable that this manual certificate be presented to a South African Home affairs official together with the couple’s Id documents which will then allow the home affairs official to request an Unabridged Marriage Certificate. This official South African government certificate will be required in many instances for example, when emigrating, travelling, registering a marriage in a foreign country or when applying for foreign passports.

The Unabridged Marriage Certificate is required and will be sought by all countries embassies, consulates and high commissions when applying for visas, emigrating or where a person is looking to set up a business or sending a child to school in a foreign country.

Some authorities require that a certified copy of the original, signed certificate accompany Unabridged Marriage Certificate as verifiable proof that a legally binding partnership was entered into and witnessed by eligible spectators.

An Unabridged Marriage certificate reflects the following information:

The Husband’s Details:

  • The Husband’s name and Christian names
  • The Husband’s Surname
  • The Husband’s Date of Birth
  • The Husband’s Country of Birth
  • The Husband’s RSA Identity Number
  • The Husband’s Marital Status

The Wife’s Details:

  • The Wife’s Name and Christian names
  • The Wife’s Surname
  • The Wife’s Date of Birth
  • The Wife’s Country of Birth
  • The Wife’s RSA Identity Number
  • The Wife’s Marital Status

Details of the Marriage that was entered into by the couple:

  • The Marriage Date
  • Solemnised at
  • The Marriage Type e.g. Civil Marriage
  • The Marriage Designation Number
  • The Marriage Officer (Name and Surname)
  • Denomination
  • Endorsements if any
  • Unabridged Marriage Certificate Printed date and Issued by:

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