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Unabridged Birth Certificates

Abridged birth certificates depicting the child’s details as well as only the mother’s name have been scrapped by South Africa’s Ministry of Home Affairs, being replaced by the more detailed Unabridged Birth Certificates depicting full details of both parents for all children born after March of 2013.

In order to prevent child trafficking, all travelers accompanied by minor children under the age of 18 years of age coming into or heading out of South Africa must present an Unabridged Birth Certificate to immigration for each child in their care in addition to the standard requirements of passports and visas where necessary.

Unabridged Birth Certificates contain the following information pertaining to the child and he’s or her parents:

Full details of the child’s father including:

  • The fathers first name and Christian names
  • The father’s surname
  • The father’s date and country of birth
  • The father’s RSA Identity Number
  • The father’s marital status

Full details of the child’s mother including:

  • The child’s mother’s first name and Christian names
  • The mother’s surname
  • The mother’s date and country of birth
  • The mother’s RSA Identity Number
  • Marital Status

Detail of the child including:

  • Child’s Christian names
  • Child’s Surname
  • Child’s Id number
  • Child’s Gender
  • Child’s Date and Place of Birth
  • Child’s Country of birth
  • Endorsements if any

Be sure to get your children’s Unabridged Birth Certificates before you plan that all important holiday overseas ore return with your children to visit your family and friends in South Africa.

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