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Unabridged Birth Certificate – Minor Children traveling without both parents

Where a minor is travelling into or out of South Africa without both parents the following legalities apply:

Where a minor is travelling with only one child

In addition to the normal travel documentation including visas where required, the non travelling parent is required to provide an affidavit being not older than 6 months at the date or entry or departure authorising the child to travel with the travelling parent.

Non Travelling parent is divorced and refuses permission

Where the non travelling parent is divorced and has not given his/her express permission, the travelling parent is required to obtain a court order.

Where one parent is deceased

Where one parent is deceased, a certified copy of his or her death certificate is to be presented by the child to immigration.

Unknown father

Where the father of a child is unknown, the child is required to present an affidavit by the mother confirming that she is solely responsible for the care of the minor.

Same Sex parents

South African Unabridged Birth Certificates allows for same sex parenthood registered as A and B parents.

Minors travelling with out their parents.

Where a minor is travelling accompanied by a relative, school group or friends, the child must carry an affidavit from his parents confirming their permission to travel unaccompanied by either of them. The minor is also required to present certified copies of his parents Identity documents and full contact details in addition to his passport and a visa where necessary.

Unaccompanied minor

Where a child is travelling on his own, unaccompanied by his parents, then the child is required to present the full contact details of the person receiving him as well as a certified copy of his/her identity document or passport. This is in addition to a affidavit that is not more than 6 month old from both his parents as well as his/her regular travel document being a valid passport and visas where required.