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Vault Copy of Birth Certificate

Children born in South Africa are required by law to be registered within a maximum of 30 days from date of birth.

When applying for foreign citizenship, emigrating, applying for dual citizenship in a foreign country or applying for a foreign passport for the first time, applicants are required by some foreign authorities to present a vault copy of one’s birth certificate. This certificate is required by British Home Office when South African born residents in Britain apply for any British government services.

The vault copy of one’s South African Birth Certificate is essentially a copy of the hand written birth registration form that one’s parents completed when registering their child at a South African Home Affairs office. This application form would have been signed by one’s parents and would have been stamped in acceptance by a South African Home Affairs official at the time after which the newborn’s details would have been captured on their database.

These certificates are notoriously difficult to get hold of as a Home Affairs official literally needs to go into the South African Home Affairs Archives in Pretoria and take a copy of the original document which has a characteristically pink home affairs stamp.

Q-Pro will stand in the queue for you, verify that all the details on your application form have been completed correctly and will then liaise with the South African Home Affairs officials to ensure that any problems are quickly addressed. We will communicate with our clients and arrange to stand in the queues on the date of collection so that they don’t have to.

To beat the queues, simply fill out the form and a friendly Q-Pro consultant will contact you to finalise the details.

Q-Pro can help.

Q-pro is an independent document sourcing specialist with no ties to Home Affairs.

Simply fill out the form and a friendly Q-Pro consultant will contact you to finalise the details. We bear the queues so that you don’t have to.