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Unabridged Marriage Certificate

Whether a person intends immigrating, applying for a foreign passport or wanting to register their marriage abroad, an Unabridged Marriage certificate will be required. This document is also used as a supporting document to confirm paternity as well as for visa applications. The Unabridged Marriage certificate is the most detailed marriage certificate available from the South African Home Affairs Office.

What makes an Unabridged Marriage certificate so desirably?

Your Unabridged Marriage certificate requires a moderator at Home Affairs to verify every aspect of your marriage registration and compare this to your application before signing off the document. Your document is also signed off by the issuing officer and depicts his/her designation number for traceability and for authenticating the document.

This certificate can be legalised by Authentication, Apostille and/or Certification at any South African Home Affairs office or embassy.

The following information is depicted on the Unabridged Marriage certificate

  • Full details of both the husband and wife including their First Names, forenames, surnames, date and country of birth, RSA Identity number, what their marital status was prior to the wedding such as divorced, widowed, single etc.
  • Place where the marriage took place
  • Date of the marriage
  • The marriage office’s details
  • The type of marriage e.g., in or out of community
  • Marriage Registration number
  • Full Names and denomination of the Marriage Officer or Priest
  • Endorsements if any and finally the date on which the document was printed.

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