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Unabridged Birth Certificate – Children Travelling Unaccompanied

The South African Home Affairs ministry has introduced new regulations pertaining to the movement of minor children under the age of 18 travelling into and out of South Africa’s borders which came into effect in May of  2015. The new regulations require that all minors present an Unabridged Birth Certificate and applies to all minor children irrespective of whether they are South African or foreign citizens entering or leaving the country.

The new regulations are aimed at reducing the possibility of child smuggling occurring through our borders, given that over 30 000 children under the age of 14 pass through our borders illegally every year.

Children travelling unaccompanied are required to present the following documentation to immigration officers upon entering or exiting any South African port:

  • Unabridged Birth Certificate
  • An affidavit being no older than three months from the date of travel from one or both biological parents or legal guardians authorising that the child depart or enter South Africa. Where only one affidavit has been provided, it is required that a court order be presented declaring that this parent has been granted full and exclusive parental responsibility for the care of the child.
  • The person due to receive the child is required to submit a letter confirming this fact which depicts the recipients full details including, full residential address as well as telephone and cell number.
  • Passport and where necessary, the required visas.
  • A certified copy of the South African identity document or passport of the person receiving the child.
  • The full contact details of the parents or legal guardians.

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