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Vault Birth Certificates

Need A Vault Birth Certificate? Q-Pro can help.

Q-pro is an independent document sourcing specialist with no ties to Home Affairs.

A Vault Copy of a Birth Registration Certificate is a copy of the original hand written birth registration form as submitted to home affairs upon registration of a child’s birth by its parents. The original stamped and signed form is drawn from the South African Home Affairs vault archives in Pretoria (hence its name) and a copy is made. This is the most authentic and secure way of proving one’s birth registration.

The form is characterised by the distinctive pink SA Home affairs stamp and is required by South African immigrants wishing to register their affairs with various British Government departments, most notably when a South African born resident in Britain applies for British Passports or for their ancestral visas for the first time. It is also a requirement by governments where a South African citizen emigrates to another country.

This form is often required in addition to a certified copy of one’s unabridged birth certificate.

The Vault birth certificate can sometimes be difficult to get hold of. Although Q-Pro has developed systems to ensure that its customers are able to obtain the form in a secure and more speedy manner (2-3 weeks), due to the long lead times involved in obtaining this document, we do advise that clients apply for their South African Vault Certificates timeously.

If you are intending to emigrate or apply for a foreign passport, don’t delay. Apply for Vault Certificate today. Simply fill out the form below or call and our experienced representatives will do all the hard work for you.